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If your web site is affiliated with the federal government, or any organization with serious accessibility requirements, you’ve probably heard the term 508 compliance more than a few times. This refers to section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which requires federal agencies to purchase information technology accessible by people with disabilities. Making a site 508 compliant isn’t actually that hard – and it’s good for users, whether you’re in government or not. Ensuring full compliance means your new or recently redesigned website needs a full, comprehensive audit; that’s where we come in.

NCCI knows 508 compliance inside and out. Our 508 audits are quick, easy, and guarantees full compliance with important federal guidelines – even if we didn’t design your site ourselves. And don’t worry about having to carve up your expensive redesign; 508 compliance is relatively painless, can be easily incorporated into your existing design, and ensures that all of your potential visitors will be able to access information you provide online.


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